In recent years we have become more surrounded by technology than ever before. New advancements are continuously providing us with more control at the touch of a button. Mobile devices and fast connectivity have made many aspects of our lives easier. However this technological evolution has not yet made its way into laboratories involved with cell culture monitoring and analysis.

Challenge researchers and bringing out the best

CytoSMART Technologies is a Dutch company based in the techhub of Europe, Eindhoven. We introduce new smart devices into laboratories worldwide. We want to challenge every life science researcher to think differently and become the best in their field of expertise. CytoSMART believes that high-end innovative tools should be accessible by all those trying to be at the forefront of scientific discovery. By working together, CytoSMART can help those at the cutting edge of life science research, to achieve greatness.

To do this, we focus on the aspects innovation, usability and costs effectiveness in everything we do. By analyzing the latest developments in technology that we have come to expect in our daily lives, we strive to be the most innovative, highly user-friendly and most cost effective organization in our segment. We achieve this thanks to a team of the best engineers, innovative advisors and most demanding customers. We emphasize the importance of our customers due to their desire to bring out the best from themselves and their team. Above all, we believe that passion, fun, independence and personal growth are necessary elements for an ever evolving, creative and innovative company.

The innovative units from CytoSMART combine modern day technology with custom built software to greatly enhance the monitoring of cell culture experiments. Our products are beautifully designed smart tools for improving everyday live cell imaging and analysis.